Nörttilaakso Oy

Nerd Valley ltd.

Consultancy about software, maintenance, coding and designing software architecture.


Technology stack

Nörttilaakso Oy rely primarily on libre, free and open source software. Subpages show software we're using.


Industrial internet ja continious integration



  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • jQuery, Bootstrap 3
  • Less, Grunt, Javascript, ...
  • Spring
  • Many Apache Foundations programs
  • Hibernate
  • PostgreSQL
  • Jenkins, Git, Maven


  • GNU C/C++, GNU Toolchain, Buildbot
  • Object-oriented languages
    • Java
    • C++
    • PHP, Python, Perl


Solid and sound system is an emergent of many different components, nets and software products. We have several years experience in supllying Linux for larger and smaller projects, as well as virtualization of deprecated software.


Data security is very broad concept. Limiting a component to use only preliminary defined box is only one facet solving whole problem. Updating software to use latest versions makes maintenance easier, though attacker has unlimited time to find weaknesses and defects.

Technology can help make world more secure place. User is still responsible making his/her choices of used data.


Other notes

Nörttilaakso Oy is heavily towards free and open souce products. We do assignments using commercial products.


Contact information

email: timo@norttilaakso.fi, GSM: 040 752 8532

Y-Tunnus: 0799908-0